What Is Medication Therapy Management?

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a term that pharmacists use to describe a broad range of health care services provided by pharmacists. Here at Moreland & Devitt, we have a program called ‘The Solution.’ For a yearly fee, a customer receives an initial comprehensive medication review with the pharmacist, quarterly follow-ups, a personalized medication list that is updated at each session, and a seasonal flu shot. The initial review usually lasts about 45 minutes, during which the customer has the pharmacist’s undivided attention. All prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and dietary / herbal supplements are reviewed for interactions and side effects. Sometimes a customer does not even realize they are having side effects from a medication or supplement until it is revealed in a session such as this. Goals for the program are also outlined based on what the individual customer would like to achieve, and an action plan is drawn up for both the customer and pharmacist.

Quarterly follow-ups address problems identified in the initial session, as well as identify new ones should they arise. These sessions are usually shorter, and include new action plans and updating of the personalized medication record. Each fall, participants receive their yearly seasonal flu shot for free.

Why Medication Therapy Management?

  • A healthier you
  • Money savings
  • Structured counseling

Call or stop by one of our locations to schedule an appointment to discuss your options as they related to Medication Therapy Management. This is another program available to our customers to "help you take care of yourself".